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Imagine singing in front of your audience and the voice that comes out is the clearest, most powerful, emotionally moving and professional sound that you can imagine. As you sing, you feel that singing this way is effortless and you are completely connected to the song you are singing.

In my studio, I partner with my students to help them create exactly that: a beautiful, expressive sound with the least amount of effort and without any straining. We do this through weekly sessions which focus on promoting proper vocal technique, musicianship AND performing with the most expressive quality possible.

Availability & Pricing

Lessons are scheduled on Friday Afternoons as well as Saturday mornings and are 45 minutes in length.

Cost of lessons is $35.00 per week paid by the month. For more information, contact me!

We are listed on Vocalist.org

Create Your Masterpiece

Learn the basic tools of songwriting and composition to give yourself a vast palette. Whether you write instrumentally, vocally, or electronically my studio can help give you the foundations you need to be a successful composer and arranger. 

Composition lessons are designed to help this experience happen to you! In our lessons, we will:


  • Compose mini-melodies to practice essential composition skills.
  • Analyze music of all styles to add new techniques to our palette.
  • Create publisher-ready original works
Requirements for new students:
  • Have taken music lessons in any instrument for at least one year
  • Have successfully completed my 12 week Music Writing 101 course
  • Have a strong desire to share new music with the world
  • Are committed to putting forth the highest effort possible in each session to get the best benefit
  • Are in the Rhode Island and surrounding areas (Online Composition Lessons are still in the works).
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Beginning Piano

I also provide lessons in beginner piano. If you are interested in experiencing the joy of making music with the piano, writing your own songs, or simply deepening your understanding of the musical language contact me and we can schedule your sessions today!

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

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