TMWC Activity Professional Academy 

Educating Caregivers to provide high quality of life for all!  

Imagine a career where you can
combine your creativity and your passion for caring for others.

Imagine going home at the end
of the day and telling stories about
the relationships you formed with
people you serve and the energy
that brings into your home and your life.

This is the life of the activity professional. We work in Nursing Homes, Adult Day Programs, Senior Centers, Assisted Living Communities, Home Care, and Independent Living Communities. Our role is to provide programs to residents and participants in these communities that help them stay connected to who they are even later on in life. Programs we offer include exercise, music, art, sports, spiritual, mental stimulation, and even more.

Sound like your dream job?

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Events & Happenings

NCCAP Exam Review scheduled for February 21, 2020 at Wingate Assisted Living, Providence, RI. Contact us for more information.

Webinar: Holistic Health in the Activity Profession - 1 CE on February 28, 2020. Click here for more information.

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