TMWC Activity Professional Academy 

Resources to refresh and refine your practice! 

Modular Education Program
for Activity Professionals (MEPAP)
(NCCAP Pre-Approval Number  NCCAP 118004) 

Certification in the activities field helps professionals establish a framework for practice so that they can provide the best possible experience for their residents. The first step to certification is to complete the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals' required training coursework known as the Modular Education Program for Activities Professionals (MEPAP).

About the Courses

MEPAP Part 1

This course prepares students for the essential functions and duties of an Activity Professional: to design, deliver and evaluate activity services for older adults across the continuum of care.

MEPAP Part 2

This course prepares students to apply principles of management in their role as an Activity Professional: to provide service through leadership, advocacy, using principles of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.

2019 MEPAP Schedule
(Subject to Change based on Enrollment)

MEPAP classes are offered in two different types of locations:

  • Our Professional Classroom in Pawtucket, RI
  • A hosting facility 
  • Our Online, Virtual Classroom
Our trainings are interactive and involve a combination of hands-on, lecture, guest speaker, and group-work teaching methods. 

Spring 2019

Registration Opens November 1, 2018

Registration Fee
 Wed. 5-9:30 PM
(20 Weeks) 
Starts January 23, 2019
TMWC Activity Professional Academy
50 Park Place, Pawtucket, RI
 Early (before January 1st)
Late (1/1/19 - 1/15/19)
Tues/Thurs 6-9PM
(15 Weeks) 
Starts January 22, 2019
 Virtual Classroom* 
 Early (before 1/1) - $585.00
Late (after 1/1)

Summer 2019

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 Reg. Fee
Wed. 5-9:30 PM (20 Weeks)
Starts Aug. 7, 2019  
 TMWC Activity Professional Academy
50 Park Place,
Pawtucket, RI
 Early (before 3/1) - $585.00
Late (after 3/1) - $600.00

MEPAP One-to-One (includes both courses)

Prefer a one-on-one session? In this version of the training, we meet weekly for 4 hour sessions for a total of 45 weeks. During this time we cover all course content at a pace consistent with your particular learning style.

Two spaces available per semester! 

Click the link to the left to submit your registration. You will be notified by the instructor within 1 or 2 days of available times.

Student Testimonials

"I just want to take a minute to express how awesome Timothy is at TMWC Activity Professional Academy! He is an NCCAP Approved MEPAP instructor. I am very glad I decided to go the class setting route and take my classes with him. He is very passionate about the activity field and person-centered care. He has really changed my views on LTC and helped me thrive in my profession. I set a goal last July to become NCCAP Certified and last Monday I received my Certificate for ADCP. Today I took the national exam and passed it with a 92. Any activity professionals in or around the Rhode Island area who are looking to advance in their career should check out Tim. He also offers a variety of CEU's to help keep up with your certification requirements. Thank you again Tim for helping me be the best I can be!"
~ Andrea D - Bayberry Commons Skilled Nursing

"Excellent Instructor!"

~ Students of Grace Barker Health

I truly believe this class has helped me in SO many ways, even though I've been an acting activity director for 12 years, there are so many things I was never taught, as well as the up to date info that everyone should 


Thank you Tim! You are an amazing person who truly cares for others, and the best teacher for this course. Thank you for your "every step of the way" attitude and advice!!   I highly recommend this course for anyone considering the activity profession as a career, or anyone already in this field as there is much to learn. Thanks again Tim!!

~ Teresa C.

I took both MEPAP classes with Tim Anderson and I couldn’t be happier. He is hands down the best teacher I have ever had. His classes are so unique and nothing like I experienced before. His teaching styles vary depending on the topic we’re discussing so it’s really fun to go to class every week, we never know what to expect! 

He mirrors what we learn in textbooks into real life scenarios which is beneficial to our career. You cannot learn what Tim teaches you through job trainings. Taking his class taught me so much about the beginning of the Activity Professional world to where it is today. His class covers a wide spectrum of knowledge that is beneficial to dealing with various population types, which is very helpful, since the Activity Professional world is always changing. 

There’s not one person I wouldn’t recommend to take his class. From taking this class I can easily say that it prepared me to take the national exam, and to be the Activity Professional I am today.

~ Kristen Hart