TMWC Activity Professional Academy 

Educating Caregivers to provide high quality of life for all!  

Update: Registration will Open Soon!

We are in the process of adding a couple MORE instructors to the fold. We apologize if we keep holding back! We're almost there!

Enhance Your Practice!

The Activity Professional Master-Class is a series of live, interactive webinars to help activity professionals develop their skills, abilities and work toward their goals. The webinars are led by prominent professionals in the field of Activities including Sherita Sparrow, Michael McCann, Jenifer Wirkus, Tim Anderson, and Michelle Behr. 

For professionals who want a little more, two bonus kick-off and closing webinars are available. Participants will complete and present a capstone project as part of the closing webinar to demonstrate how they have used the topics covered in the sessions.  

Registration and Fees:
  • Complete Package - Includes 8 lectures $125.00 (12 credits)*
  • One Session Attendance - $35.00 (1.5 Credits per session)

* Students enrolled in the complete package must complete a capstone project and attend all 8 sessions to receive full credit.